A Dog’s Best Friend Wins Spot Award

By February 19, 2014Praise for ADBF

from Spot Magazine 01/30/2014 see full article

Doing daycare right

It’s remarkable for a two-years’-young business to sweep in readers’ choice awards, and not only did A Dog’s Best Friend Doggie Daycare earn 1st Place for Dog Grooming, but the business earned votes in SEVEN categories.

Long-time friends Anne Nipp (Owner and avid dog lover) and Jaime Ross, General Manager, took over the Vancouver business in November 2011.

“We’re great at providing a wonderful product as well as a creating good relationships with our customers,” Ross says. The business is a good neighbor, sponsoring pet and non-pet-related community events alike. Anne’s grooming skills earned them the 1st Place win this year. “She takes a lot of dogs that no one else will take anymore, like special needs or geriatric dogs,” says Ross. “We sit on the floor and groom them if they can’t stand for too long.” Groomer Shayla Saldano joined the team in July 2013 and, according to Ross, has contributed greatly to the salon’s success.

They have spiffed up both Vancouver locations. “Our daycare is special for a variety of reasons,” says Ross, “our facilities are top of the line. We use amazingly good products; we have great floor surfaces and outdoor areas with K9 in our backyards. We’re able to make up to six different playgroups at a time, and we have highly skilled employees able to identify personalities so we maintain a happy, safe environment for our guests.” We recently added a trainer on staff help manage the playgroups and support employee knowledge, and with dogs that need special handling.

“Come out and give us a try!” says Ross. “I love the relationships that we build with the dogs and their owners. I feel like we become family with a lot of them.”

A Dogs Best Friend
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