Adaptive Daycare Now Available at the East Location! 

Is doggy daycare something you’d love to have your pup participate in – but their social skills aren’t quite there yet? Our Adaptive Daycare program is geared towards helping transition these dogs into being comfortable and successful in off-leash play with other dogs!

A common misconception is that dog-to-dog social skills come naturally! Social Skills are actually learned behaviors. Our adaptive daycare program is aimed towards teaching your dog to socialize comfortably and safely, with the goal of them being able to participate in daycare activities by the end of their time in the adaptive daycare program.

Through structured play sessions, structured socialization and a game plan tailored to your dog’s specific needs – we are able to help your dog build confidence and comfort in social groups. This can also be a great option if you would like to board your dog in a social boarding facility , or prefer one-on-one attention for any number of reason ( ex: post-training programs, specific behavioral requests )

A day in our Adaptive Daycare program can include:

  • Structured play-time
  • Enrichment sessions
  • 1-on-1 activities with Adaptive Daycare staff (ex:  ball play, pool play, tug-of-war, snuggle sessions, anything your pup specifically loves)
  • Treadmill time ( for mental and physical stimulation & workout )
  • Daily report card about how your dog’s day went & what they learned
  • Personal social and behavioral goals
  • Exciting activities all day
  • Fun, fun and more FUN!!!

Prior to enrollment in our Adaptive daycare program, we do require completion of a one-day temperament assessment to ensure it will be a good fit. Admission to the adaptive daycare program is at the sole discretion of the General Manager. Please call 360-737-6439 for pricing, or any other questions you might have!

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