Doggy Day Care

What our clients say about doggy day care with ADBF …

We feel very fortunate to have A Dog’s Best Friend
julius and belleJulius has been attending doggy daycare at A Dog’s Best Friend since he was six months old. What a blessing ADBF has been. Despite his size, Julius is a big baby who is afraid of his own shadow. Doggy daycare has helped him with his socialization, not just with dogs but with people too. He absolutely loves to go to daycare, and comes home happily exhausted. Some of his most favorite people in the world are the girls who work at A Dog’s Best Friend. We’ve also enjoyed the benefits of being able to have his grooming done on a daycare day, saving us a separate trip to the groomer on the weekend. Years ago we had two Great Danes who went to the same daycare locations under the previous ownership. We have been really pleased with the changes and upgrades of the new ownership and management staff. Their attention to detail and the improvements they’ve made to the facilities are wonderful, and much appreciated. We feel very fortunate to have A Dog’s Best Friend. ~ The Kendrick family

Full Day Visit

$ 35

7 am to 6 pm

  • 1 day = $35
  • 5 days = $170
  • 10 days = $335
  • 20 days = $640

Half Day Visit

$ 25

7 am to 12 pm

  • 1 day = $25
  • 5 days = $120
  • 10 days = $235
  • 20 days = $440

NEW! Extended Full Day Visit East Location Only

$ 5

6 pm - 7:30 pm

  • 1 day = $5
  • 5 days = $22
  • 10 days = $40
  • 20 days = $80

Please note we require a full-day temperament assessment to have adequate time to get to know your pooch. This ensures the safety of all of our guests. $40. To sign up for a temperament assessment, please call 360-737-6439 or visit our Doggy Daycare page to read a little more about Daycare services and how to get enrolled!