Kennel Cough aka Bordetella

We all know that when we send our kids to school, it is only a matter of time before the cold and flu virus runs through our home. Dogs have a similar virus commonly referred to as Kennel Cough. As pet owners, we vaccinate our pets to avoid them catching viruses such as Kennel Cough (Bodetella). Just like the Influenza vaccine for humans, the Bordetella vaccine only protects our pets from a few of the 20+ strains of the virus. Kennel Cough is an airborne virus and can be contracted by simply walking your pet around the block in your very own neighborhood. There is certainly a higher risk of catching the virus when you go to dog parks or daycare.

We take every precaution that we can, at a Dog’s Best Friend. We have plenty of ventilation, water bowls and toys are cleaned and sanitized often. If we see a dog showing any sign of illness, they are isolated immediately and the owners are contacted to take them home. We ask that, if you notice your pet showing any signs of illness, you keep them home.

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