A Few Things to Remember for your Dog’s Safety and Well Being

  • All daycare services are pre-paid. You may choose to purchase one of our discounted daycare packages, or you may pay-as-you-go AT CHECK IN TIME.
  • First Day drop off is at 6:45 AM. To maximize your dog’s chances of having a stress-free first day it is important for you to be as calm and “boring” as possible at drop off time!
  • Dogs must come into the daycare on a leash – no flexi leads.
  • Dogs must have a quick release collar – this has a safety clasp, not a buckle. (No flea, metal, or choke collars of any kind are allowed in daycare)

Dogs must have the following vaccinations completed prior to starting daycare:

  • Distemper (annual)
  • Parvo (annual)
  • Bordetella (minimum annual, recommend every 6 months)
  • Rabies (1st annual, every 3 years afterwards)
  • Fecal with Giardia test (within 6 months)
  • Animal Control requires us to keep a copy of your dog’s current Rabies Certificate on file. This is a legal document, signed by your vet. A copy of your receipt or your dog’s rabies tag is not valid to meet this county requirement.
  • All dogs are required to be on flea control continuously for attendance at daycare. It is your responsibility to keep your dog parasite free! Keeping your canine companion on an effective flea control program (available through your vet, not a grocery store product) virtually eliminates the risk of him/her picking up fleas anywhere-including your yard, the vet’s office, the dog park, and doggy daycare.
  • HALF DAYS are mornings only   (7:00 – Noon). Pick ups after 12:00 pm will be charged the full day rate.
  • Dogs are to be picked up by 6:00 PM (exceptions for overnight care) – late fees may be charged at a rate of $1.00 per minute.
  • Please schedule your dog’s visits in advance. There are days when we cannot accept walk-in dogs because the schedule is full.
  • If your dog will not be attending on a scheduled day, please call us so other dogs can make a reservation. Chronically missed reservations will result in the loss of package days.

Things To Watch After Your Dog’s First Day At Daycare
SORE PADS: Running amok may be rough on your dog’s feet, and they may get sore and abraded pads.  This will go away as their pads get thicker and used to running on different surfaces.

SORE MUSCLES: Your dog will be having so much fun playing at A Dog’s Best Friend that they may forget to pace themselves and get sore muscles.  Over time this will fade as you see them get stronger and in better physical shape.

 EXHAUSTION: The new social interaction your dog will encounter while being at A Dog’s Best Friend will be both physically and mentally exhausting.  Look for your dog to need a lot of rest when they get home.

 “BOO-BOOS”: Dogs play with their mouths (teeth) and paws (toenails).  You may notice scratches, scrapes, minute punctures or even small chunks of missing fur.  These minor occurrences are normal and very common to group play.

 WET COAT: Your dog’s coat may be wet when you pick them up – rain is a common year-round event in our beautiful Pacific Northwest, and on hot summer days the dogs may have been lounging in one of our pools.  Not to worry, they have free access to both inside & outside play areas.

 ENTHUSIASM: Your dog’s enthusiasm to enter the group will grow as they get more used to being at A Dog’s Best Friend. Eventually they will be just as excited to get to the daycare as they are when you pick them up at night.

 HAPPY DOG: Their tail will be wagging and you may even see a smile on their face.  It’s their way of saying “THANKS” for bringing them to A Dog’s Best Friend.