Play & Train Program

Program Goals

Increased control of your dog’s behaviors
Leash walking manners
Crate acceptance
Mastery of commands: Sit, Down, Wait, Place and Thresholds.
Daily training sessions with socialization, rest breaks and treats.
Training tools as determined appropriate for your dog


10 days of consecutive full-day daycare experiences
Daily training with socialization, rest breaks and treats
Choke chain or pinch collar as determined appropriate for your dog
Go home lesson


At least 6 months old
Able to pass a temperament assessment - admission to the program is at the sole discretion of the trainer
Proof of vaccines, as well as a negative fecal test


Total cost of the 10-day program is $750. First half of payment is due by the first day, second half is due by the completion of the program.

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is consistent with our overall philosophy – your dog’s mind, body and spirit need to be aligned and balanced to create the happiest and most content dog possible. Our ultimate goal is to help facilitate the best relationship possible between you and your dog through balanced and transparent training methods.

With the proper training, you can trust your dog’s behavior with family, friends, children, strangers and other dogs. Our training programs are developed with you and your dog in mind. We are here to assist you in creating an inclusive relationship with you, your dog and your family!

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Once you have created an online profile with us, you can upload your pet's vaccines straight to their profile! We need proof of an up-to-date Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP along with a fecal test done within the past six months that shows negative for parasites and Giardia.

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