Safety is our Number One concern.

Your dog’s safety is our Number One concern. So that we may provide a safe environment for all participants, your dog must go through an informal screening process, provide certain veterinary records, and follow the rules set forth below. The General Manager and staff of A Dog’s Best Friend reserve the right to request additional precautions at their discretion, if the situation warrants it for the safety of the dogs – including your own.

Can any dog come to Doggy Daycare?

Please keep in mind that the doggy daycare environment is quite simply not for all dogs. Just like people, our dogs all have different personalities, and some personalities and temperaments are better suited than others to the “pack” life in daycare. In order to determine whether or not this program is right for your dog, we provide a temperament assessment prior to your dog being accepted into doggy daycare.

We will ask that you bring your dog right when we open for the first day, so that your dog is one of the first ones there and can “greet” the other dogs as they arrive. This is a much easier process for them – and less intimidating – than being introduced to a group of dogs that are already established.

This introduction process can take up to 6-8 hours, and it may take a few visits before your dog just jumps right in. The process may seem very involved – but that’s just as it should be. Safety should be your number one concern, and proper, positive introductions will set the tone for your dog’s experience at daycare.

Important note: If we decide that your dog is not right for this program, or if we must later ask that you withdraw your dog due to behavioral or safety concerns, it is NOT a negative comment about your dog, and does NOT mean that your dog is “bad.” It simply means that this is not the best environment for your dog, and other options should be explored. For dogs that do not do as well in a “pack” style of situation, you might consider a pet sitter or dog walker to come to your home during the day to provide beneficial physical and mental stimulation through one-on-one time with your dog.

Please book an appointment in advance, and plan to provide the appropriate proof of vaccines and spay/neuter certificate, plus the name and phone number of your treating veterinarian.

General Requirements

Age: All dogs must be at least 16 weeks or older, with limited exceptions for younger puppies with permission from the General Manager.

Sex: All adult dogs over 6 months of age are required to be spayed or neutered, with limited exceptions with permission from the General Manager. A certificate of spay is required for all females.

Vaccinations: All dogs must have written proof of current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian. Vaccines required to attend our daycares are distemper, parvovirus, bordatella and rabies.

Parasite Control: You must provide the results of a negative fecal test that was done within the last 6 months, and provide a current negative fecal test every six months.

External Parasites: All dogs are required to be on year-round flea control for attendance at daycare. It is your responsibility to keep your dog parasite free! Keeping your canine companion on an effective flea control program (available through your vet, not a flea collar or grocery store product!) virtually eliminates the risk of him/her picking up fleas anywhere-including your yard, the vet office, the dog park, and doggy daycare. An inspection for external parasites may be done each day upon check-in and any dog that shows evidence of such parasites will either be treated with an application of flea control (at the owners expense) or sent home.

General Health: All dogs are required to be in good health. Upon your dog’s initial entry into daycare, you will be asked to sign a contract that certifies your dog is healthy and has not been sick with or exposed to any known diseases or disorders in the last 30 days. If you dog does become ill for any reason, a written note from your veterinarian verifying a complete return to health may be required.

Behavior: Dogs may not exhibit aggression or aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people. They must also not be food or toy protective. If think your dog may be occasionally food protective, you must inform the staff so that they can take the appropriate precautions.

Collars: All dogs must wear a quick release type collar with some form of readable identification. Metal, buckle, choke/correction type and flea collars will not be allowed.

Hours: Our daycare is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Early check-ins/late check-outs may be available on select days. Our day staff is off duty promptly at 6pm, and there will be a $1.00 per minute charge for every minute you are late picking up your dog. We do offer overnight care for daycare dogs only-ask any Daycare Associate for details.

Fees: All fees are payable in advance and rates depend on package purchased.

Reservations: Reservations are required and cancellations must be received within 24 hours of their scheduled arrival at daycare, or you may be charged the full fees for the day.