Who We Are

One Company.  One Goal. One Passion. One Tribe.

 We are a tribe of dog loving humans –  a group of people that are connected by passion. We are a well-rounded group of individuals that get to come together as a family and create a place for your dog to go that is safe, happy, comfortable and fun. As a team we are dedicated to continually learning and fully investing ourselves in the ever-growing dog industry. Our passion is the dogs – as a whole we are dedicated to making sure they are cared for in every way possible.  This is more than just Doggy Daycare to us, this is our family. 

Our focus has always been the wellbeing of your dog’s mind, body and spirit. This is our mantra – our motto. All of our programs – daycare, boarding, enrichment, training and grooming – are modeled after this mantra.

Mind. Body. Spirit. 

Three completely different aspects that are an integral part of all of our daycare’s programs. From Doggy Daycare to our Board & Train program, our goal is to enrich your dog’s mind, body and spirit and then watch them flourish. Our goal is your dog’s success. With every new dog we meet we are able to learn who they are, how they work and what we can do to help them succeed. 

We are truly blessed in the fact that we get to not only know every member of our pack, but watch them learn and grow. From watching a puppy take their first steps into daycare to watching senior dogs learn the joys of playing in the pools and splash-pads during summer; we are so blessed to be a part of your dog’s journey. We get to watch puppies start kindergarten, conquer fears and build confidence as they grow. We get to watch once-nervous dogs grow their confidence in daycare and come out of their shells. Every dog that steps through our lobby doors and into the daycare yards becomes a part of our family and we are dedicated to being there through it all. 

We have so much to be thankful for in this rewarding profession.  We love to learn about each pet and parent individually.  We love to come to work every day knowing that we will learn something new and go home knowing every day we impacted somebody’s life.  We are blessed to have clients that not only share their life stories with us, but let us become a part of it.

Lastly, we love to have a ‘trained’ clientele that knows it is an absolute MUST to stop at the front desk each night for the “we will see you later” cookie. 

It wouldn’t be possible without all of you, trusting us to care for your family member. 

Thank you, for allowing us to pour our hearts and souls into caring for your dog. Because this is what we love to do. 



Jaime’s official title is General Manager, however the staff around A Dog’s Best Friend refers to her as their fearless leader. She has been managing the daycare facility since 2011. Since then, the daycare has been revitalized, remodeled and has won awards for its compassionate daycare, grooming and boarding services. Jaime puts her heart and soul into making sure both daycare locations are at the top of their game. Jaime has undergone intensive training to get to know all things “dog.” She brings to the table an unmatched passion for dogs, their wellness, and helping build and maintain successful relationships between pet and pet parent.

She is also the mastermind behind our balanced training programs. Through her dedication to continually learning about dog behavior and immersing herself in their world, she has been able to mold balanced training programs for dogs of all ages and sizes. Jaime has been able to help many dogs successfully overcome anxieties and behavioral issues through training, and has helped owners step into leadership roles with their dogs to help form healthy and happy relationships between pet and pet parent.

Her journey to finding her passion all started with Gigi, her Bouvier. Jaime grew up terrified of dogs, and it wasn’t until Gigi entered her life that she started to truly understand the relationship between pet and pet parent. If you’ve been to A Dog’s Best Friend you have probably seen Gigi out in the yard, partaking in new dog evaluations, or even on our logo as our mascot! Jaime’s journey with Gigi showed her what a healthy relationship looks, and has inspired her to teach others to achieve this harmony with their dogs through our training programs! From being terrified of her own dog to working with foster dogs to rehabilitate them and help them find forever homes, Jaime’s journey working with dogs all started with Gigi.

Jaime also has a passion for rescue, and is a volunteer and adoption coordinator for the Three Little Pitties, the organization in which she fosters through. If you follow A Dog’s Best Friend on any social media, you likely will have seen the many fosters and success stories of dogs finding their forever homes through A Dog’s Best Friend and many different rescue organizations! She has traveled as far as Peru to better understand what rescue looks like in-depth and what she can do to better the world of dog rescue and rehabilitation.

Outside of work, you can find Jaime, her husband and her son camping and spending time at Mayfield Lake with their 4 dogs. She loves to foster, volunteer, and has a knack for any kind of arts & crafts. Along with being an all-around boss, her compassionate nature is always leading her to help somebody. A Dog’s Best Friend, and everything that stands for, is what it is because of Jaime!


Jen is the Manager at our West side location and has been a part of the team for almost 2 years now! Jen is full of sunshine and seems to radiate that to everybody else around her, she is always smiling and has one of the most positive attitudes you will encounter! Jen has a heart for the dogs and pours all of her energy into making sure they are physically and emotionally cared for while they are here. Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend isbeing able to meet and know all the dogs who come here.Jen is currently working towards her ‘TTouch’ certification, which is a gentle way of training and understanding companion animals. She loves to get to know every dog who walks through the door, and has a passion for animals that she expressed in every aspect of her life! While she doesn’t have any dogs, she does have a cat named Haku. 


Jackie is our Boarding Manager, and has been with A Dog’s Best Friend for 5 years! You can find Jackie in our boarding area making sure we are prepared to make your dogs stay with us the best it can possibly be! Whether she is preparing meals or outside in a playgroup she is sure to have a smile on her face, and always make sure everybody is engaging and participating in playgroup. Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is all of the old dogs. Jackie has a soft spot for all of our senior dogs,  oddballs and rescues. Outside of work she enjoys visiting with family . Her favorite color is red, and secret talent is that she’s a pool shark!  She is a dog mom of two – Oliver the Xoloitzcuintli , and Rylan the Pomeralien!


Kelsie is our Office Manager. She has been with A Dog’s Best Friend for over 2 years now, and is a familiar face during check-in every morning! She is cheerful, upbeat and always running around! You can find her at the East location in the lobby or outside snapping pictures of your furry friends daycare activities. Outside of work she loves to camp, hike and do anything outside! Her favorite thing about working at A Dog’s Best Friend is getting to greet everybody’s dog in the morning, and the relationships she builds with them! She is a Dog-Mom of three – Louie the Chihuahua, Indie the Siberian Husky and Denver the Australian Cattle dog! 


Alex is the Trainer at the East side location! He has been with A Dog’s Best Friend for almost a year now and has been training dogs for 9 years. He is a critical thinker and great problem solver! You can find him training all of our Puppy Kindergarten and Play & Train dogs! Alex loves to set dogs up for success through training – and loves to see them flourish when they graduate their training program! His favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is working with a dedicated team who has the sae goals at him – to always care for the dog’s mind, body & spirit. He loves to set up pets and pet parents up for long term success, and help ensure they have a happy and healthy relationship. Outside of work he loves to play video games, ride his bike and spending time with his dog and girlfriend.  He is a pet-parent to Harley, a Rottweiler mix!


Ashley is our Groomer at the East location! She has been in the grooming industry for 14 years and been with A Dog’s Best Friend for 2 years.  Ashley is an amazing groomer, she seems to have skill to be able to groom the ‘un-groomable’ and has been able to build great relationships with dogs who have not been successful in other grooming salons. Ashley’s favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is the relationships she gets to build with daycare and grooming dogs.  Her passion is the dogs, and they seem to love her just as much as she loves them. She is a dog mom of four – Pogo the American Eskimo/Pomeranian, Parker the Chow mix, Pickles the Labrador Retriever and Pippen the German Shorthaired Pointer. Her dream breed is a Giant Schnauzer, and her favorite color is yellow! 


Paige has been with A Dog’s Best Friend about a year now!  You never know where you will find Paige, since she is able to hold just about every position we have.  She loves the fact that she gets to work with mostly dogs instead of people, and finds the job very rewarding! Paige aspires to either work with the K-9 unit of the Police Force, or work training service animals for people with disabilities. While she doesn’t have a favorite dog breed, she loves all of our senior dogs in daycare! She would love to visit England someday and looks up to her mom as a role model in her life. If she were a crayon, she would be the color purple and has a secret talent – she is great at nail art! Paige is a dog mom to a small terrier mix that she rescued, named Willa! 


Tyra is one of our Daycare Attendants, and bounces back between the East and West location! She has been an awesome addition to our team – she is always down to learn something new and is one of the quickest learners we have. Tyra always has a positive attitude and can be found making everybody else around her smile! Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is all of the dogs. She loves to have fun, play with them, and get to know their individual personalities. Outside of work you can find Tyra camping, tie dying and playing with her two fur babies Lucah the Dalmation and Lakita the Husky! We love having Tyra as a part of our team!


Nicole is one of our Daycare Attendants, and has been with A Dog’s Best Friend for a little over a year now! She has a contagious smile and brings an upbeat attitude to work every day. She bounces back between the East and West location, and is an avid lover of Golden Retrievers. Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is meeting all of the new dogs and getting to know their personalities. Nicole is currently going to school to get her Bachelors Degree in Biology and has dreams of going to vet school. She has two Golden Retrievers, Charlie and Bailey!


Kaline is new to A Dog’s Best Friend! She has been working hard, learning fast and has been a great addition to the team!  Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is that she gets to learn all the different aspects of socialization – from play styles to greetings she gets to see how dogs interact with each other. She also loves that she gets to help teach dogs new things too! When she grows up she would love to be an animal trainer – horses, dogs and cats included! We love having her as a part of the team and are so excited to see her grow!


Lou is the Manager at our East side location, and has been a part of the team for 6 years now! Lou walks in every morning with a smile and has an unmatched passion for doggy daycare. From coming up with new ways to keep the dogs always having fun to thinking of new enrichment games to keep your pups mentally stimulated, Lou does it all. She isn’t afraid to tackle any challenge she is faced with- the best way to get her to do something is to tell her she can’t. There’s nothing she can’t do when she puts her mind to it! Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is that through working here, she was able to discover her passion – dog behaivor and the importance of socializing. She loves the freedom that this job allowes her to have, and how it pushes her to always be creative.  Her favorite color is yellow and someday she hopes to visit a 3rd world country to see how different the world is, and leave the most positive impact she can. She is a dog-mom of two – a French Bulldog named Clutch and a Doberman named Lana!


Gill is our Assistant Manager and has been a part of the team for 6 years now! She brings a spunky, can-do attitude to the table and is our go-to when anything isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. She knows the ins and outs of this building like nobody else! Gill always keeps us on our toes with what hair color she is going to come to work with next! She has a passion for this company and puts her heart and soul into it every day. Her life dream is to do something that makes her happy – she hopes to one day join the peace corps.  Her favorite color is orange, specifically tangerine and burnt sienna. We love her sense of adventure and humor, she is always down to try everything at least once! While she doesn’t have a dog of her own, she loves all the dogs who come to daycare like they are. She hopes to one day have a Bull Terrier! 

Taylor K.

Taylor K. is the Lead Trainer at A Dog’s Best Friend, and has been a part of the team for 3 years! Taylor trains the dogs who go through our Board & Train program, and is truly dedicated to helping both dog(s) and their parents alike learn how to have the happiest and healthiest relationship possible. Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is getting to see the before and after of the dogs she works with!  Taylor is always making everybody around her smile, and has one of the most contagious laughs you will ever hear! She is dedicated to continually learning more about animals and pours her heart and soul into training and helping dogs have a healthier state of mind and quality of life. Outside of work you can find her in the barn working with her horses! She is a dog mom to Buck, the German Shepherd! 

Taylor B.

Taylor B is our Playgroup Manager, and has been a part of the team for a little over 2 years! She manages the daycare playgroups and is one of the most strategic thinkers we have. Taylor has a skill for creating the best playgroups to match your dog’s energy level to make sure everybody has a blast in daycare, while remaining safe and in the best care possible! Her favorite thing about working at A Dog’s Best Friend is that she is constantly able to learn new things! Outside of work she loves to spend time with her two kids!  She recently adopted one of our foster dogs, a mutt from Mexico, named Betty.   Taylor is always in a great mood and is always making sure everybody else around her is smiling, singing and laughing! 


Ciara is our cheerful Reservation Specialist! She is new to A Dog’s Best Friend and is already a great addition to our team! She is a quick learner and you are sure to recognize her cheerful demeanor over the phone and at the front desk! Her favorite thing about working here so far is the environment, and how our team is a family. Her dream is to someday build a good future for herself, but is content where she is now. She loves to create art, read and write. Ciara has recently become a new dog mom to a Corgi/Mini Aussie named Billie ! 


Kimberly is our West side Groomer! She has been with A Dog’s Best Friend for over 2 years now, and has been grooming dogs for over 11 years. Her favorite breed to groom is a Standard Poodle! Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is being able to work with animals. Outside of work you can find her horseback riding, dirt-biking, camping, swimming and any kinds of arts and crafts! The dogs that Kimberly grooms seem to always come back happy to see her again, and it is clear that she loves what she does! A fun fact about Kimberly is that she was a vet tech for 5 years and did wildlife animal rescue!  She is mom to a little girl named Serenity.  Kimberly has 2 dogs; a Frenchie named Stitch and a Mastiff puppy named Keeva.  Last but not least, she is working to train her Mustang.


Koral is our Boarding Assistant, and has been with A Dog’s Best Friend for about a year! She works primarily in our boarding area taking amazing care of your furry friends! She is the one who feeds all of your pups while they are staying the night, so she is a crowd favorite when she spends time in playgroup! Her favorite thing about working at A Dog’s Best Friend is the dogs- they have taught her incredible patience and boost her spirits every morning when she gets in. When not at work she likes to spend time drawing, playing video games and hiking.  She has two dogs, Haus the German Shepherd and Boomer the Bullmastiff! She also has a special needs cat.


Tacara is our Adaptive Daycare Specialist and has been a part of our team for a year now! Tacara always brings a positive attitude to work and has a knack for remembering all the specific quirks, likes and dislikes of all of our daycare members! Her life goal is to become a sign language interpreter or a dog trainer! One of the most valuable lessons Tacara says she has learned in life is that everybody learns at their own pace. She says she thought every kid was the same – however, each of her three kids has taught her something different every day. Her favorite food is Mexican food, carne asada or ceviche and her favorite color is yellow.If she could travel anywhere in the world, it wouldbe Barcelona ! We love her dedication to the dogs and knack for remembering details – and we are thankful to have her as part of the team! Tacara is a momma to 3 beautiful little kiddos and  a pit bull named Charlie! 


Kia is one of our Daycare Attendants and has been a part of our team for over 2 years now! Kia has a huge heart and is always thinking of others – she loves the dogs and they love her! You can find her at our East side location, always sneaking in a little extra snuggle time with the daycare dogs here. Her favorite thing about working for A Dog’s Best Friend is that she gets to care for the animals, and that she is able to be around dogs all day. Her life goal is to work with dogs – so she is living the dream! She loves to help with the dogs we foster here, and loves to see them go to their forever home. Someday she would love to work in rescue rehabilitation – helping dogs rehabilitate from the situations they were rescued from.  Outside of work she loves to be outside, garden and hanging out with her hubby, kids & dogs! Kia is dog mom to two – Zoey the Boxer and Theodore the French Bulldog!


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