Rules & Requirements

Vaccinations and Health Policy

We require a veterinarian certificate indicating proof of vaccines for Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella.  A rabies certificate is required by Animal Control to be on file for all dogs that participate in daycare or join us for overnights.  We recommend the Bordatella every 6 months, but annually is required.  If the Bordatella vaccine has never been given, or it has expired, a 7 day waiting period is required after administration prior to admission to daycare or overnights.   For all other vaccinations, a 24 hour waiting period is required after the first administration of a vaccine or if it has expired. We also require a fecal test showing negative for all parasites and Giardia, done within the past six months. This needs to be updated every six months. Please provide a copy of all to A Dog’s Best Friend.

Flea and Internal Parasite Control

All dogs must be treated with an effective form of flea control.  If external parasites are discovered upon check-in, guests will be treated with an appropriate flea treatment at Owner/Guardian’s expense.   If internal parasites are discovered during the guest’s stay, treatment and additional private room charges may apply at the Owner/Guardian’s expense.  If internal or external parasites are identified, the dog parent will be notified immediately.  If the dog is a daycare guest, the owners will be asked to pick up their pet immediately.  If the dog is an overnight guest, the dog will be isolated to a private suite and will not be permitted to participate in daycare.

Hours and Late Pickup Policies

Daycare Business Hours are Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm

Daycare Late Policy: ALL dogs MUST be picked up by 6:00pm Monday through Friday.  All daycare guests staying past business hours will be charged $1 per minute. Guests staying past 6:30pm will be checked into an Overnight Suite and can then be picked up the following morning.  Overnight charges will be the responsibility of the Owner/Guardian.

Weekend Overnight Check-in and Check-out Policy:  Pick up and drop off times for overnight weekend stays are between 8:00am – 9:00am and 5:00pm – 6:00pm and must be arranged at the time of reservations.

Age & Sex

All daycare dogs should be at least 16 weeks or older, with limited exceptions for younger puppies with consent of A Dog’s Best Friend GM.  All overnight guests must be at least 4 months old.  All dogs for daycare must be spayed or neutered, unless under 6 months of age, or with GM approval, a copy of the Certificate of Spay will be required for females.

Dogs in Heat

Female dogs in heat can cause stress to male dogs.  NO females in heat will be allowed to participate in daycare.

Temperament Assessment 

To ensure the safety of all of our dogs and our staff, all dogs must undergo a temperament/working evaluation that is a full day at daycare with a variety of different stimuli and exposures before participating in daycare or overnight stays. These are prearranged with a daycare attendant and a reservation is required.  Only the GM can make exceptions to this policy.

Private Accomodations for Daycare and/or Boarding

If your dog is not social with other dogs, or requires one-on-one attention, for the safety of our guests, he/she is required to stay in a private suite and be provided private play sessions and/or walks, additional fees may apply.  A Dog’s Best Friend has sole discretion on whether dogs may take part in social activities.

Personal Belongings

Daycare days ALL personal items are prohibited with the exception of food and/or treats.  Overnight stays, A Dog’s Best Friend provides bedding, bowls and toys.  We prefer that you do not bring these items as we cannot guarantee their condition upon return.

Feeding & Medication

Dog owners are encouraged to bring their own dog’s food and treats as most dogs are sensitive to sudden dietary changes.  Please provide ample food for your dog’s entire stay.  If you dog requires medication, please make sure it is labeled and that dosage instructions are included


All guests must be in good health.  A Dog’s Best Friend cannot accept the following: dogs that required medical treatment beyond the dispensing of oral and topical medication, and insulin administration for non-brittle diabetics. Dogs that are not capable of walking, urinating and eliminating without assistance, guest that have had or been exposed to a contagious, communicable disease and/or illness in the past 30 days.


A Dog’s Best Friend can not allow dogs that have caused injury or showed aggression towards humans or other dogs. This is at the General Manager’s discretion.


All of our guests must have a “quick release” collar with some from of readable identification.  This is for the safety of our dogs and our staff.


For daycare, a 24 hour cancellation to your reservation is required to avoid a potential loss of package days and/or deposit.  For overnights, minimally 72 hours advance notice to avoid loss of deposit.


Daycare reservations are REQUIRED at least 24 hours in advance to assure a place for your dog.  Overnight reservations are required minimally 7 days in advance to assure space for your dog.


Daycare payment is required at the time of the service.  Failure to cancel a reservation will cause the forfeiting of a package day.  Overnight payment is required at the time of the reservation.  Cancellations prior to 72 hours in advance of the reservation can be refunded, less a 25% cancellation charge.  Reservations without at least 72 hours notice, no refunds will be issued.